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The fabric of our story...

Finnletta was created by me, Finn Whitehead, in 2023.  At 6ft tall I have been forever exasperated by the lack of beautiful long trousers that do not compromise on fit for length.  With this in mind I set about designing practical yet smart everyday trousers that would fit in with my busy life both in the countryside and in town.

From the beginning it was essential that the heart of Finnletta would be in creating and producing a range of trousers that are built to last whilst being consciously aware of the impact on the world around us.  Everything is sourced with complete attention to detail and using the talented people from right here in the UK - from the fabrics to the tailors -  right down to the woven labels and packaging.  Our trousers are all handmade in small batches to ensure less wastage as we believe in slower, small-scale production producing quality, timeless pieces.

I hope you love these trousers as much as I do xx

Finn Whitehead Finnletta Owner and Designer
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