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Greek Goddesses

"What on earth do Greek Goddesses have to do with a clothing brand?" I hear you ask!  Well, all of our trousers at Finnletta are given the name of a Greek Goddess inspired by my daughter's passion of Greek mythology which blossomed at an early age.  They were seen as role models by the ancient Greeks and their myths provided an explanation to the mysteries of the world around them.


Gaia was the Greek Goddess of the Earth.  She was described as the giver of dreams and was considered the supreme mother by immortals and mortals alike.

The name Gaia was chosen for the first Finnletta range as nature plays an essential role in all of our lives and connects our desire for us as a brand to be as sustainable as possible.

Greek Goddess Gaia
Greek Goddess Auxo


Auxo was the Greek Goddess of Summer.  She was the Goddess who granted growth and prosperity to the fields.

Auxo was the obvious Goddess to choose for our summer line of trousers.  Our first range of summer trousers are made entirely from  the softest Irish linen which is made from the cellulose fibres that grow inside the stalks of the flax plant which ties in perfectly with the image of Auxo bringing growth and life to plants.

pink flamingo
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